I appreciate the awesome work you do for us.

H. Truman Chafin
Chafin Law Firm, PLLC
Williamson, West Virginia

Medical negligence cases rise or fall with expert witnesses, and lawyers need credible, competent experts who (1) give honest opinions based on the facts and (2) are prepared to defend those opinions.  We trust Gina to find those experts to help us help our clients.  And she does.

John A. Day
Law Offices of John Day, P.C.
Brentwood, Tennessee

I have worked with Gina Rogers since 2007. Gina is extremely thoughtful, diligent and professional. I highly recommend her for locating qualified physician and nursing experts.

Les Jones
Burch, Porter & Johnson, PLLC
Memphis, Tennessee

My law practice is exclusively representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice/nursing home litigation.

When I need an expert, Gina is the one I call. She has found me many highly qualified experts that upon their disclosure have settled cases either after disclosure or their depositions. I highly recommend her.

Bill Walk
Walk Cook Lakey PLC
Memphis, Tennessee

I highly recommend Gina Rogers as a resource for evaluating medical malpractice cases and finding qualified experts for further consultation and testimony. She is prompt and easy to communicate with, has a vast knowledge of medical issues, and her databank of experts is outstanding.

I don’t think you could do better, than Gina Rogers.

Lindsey C. Meador
Meador & Crump, P.A.
Cleveland, Missippi

Gina’s knowledge of medicine and the law, and her broad network of connections within the medical community, make her a tremendous asset to my practice.  And she’s always a pleasure to work with!

Frank B. Thacher, III
Burch, Porter and Johnson, PLLC
Memphis, Tennessee

I have been working with Gina Rogers for over two years in her capacity as a nurse who reviews medical records for me in potential medical negligence cases and in her capacity as a medical professional to help locate nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians and many other medical specialties I have needed to assist in evaluating medical negligence cases. In my opinion she is the best in her field. She is hard working, diligent, aggressive, and possesses the ability to obtain the right professional for the right case.

The caliber of experts she provides are excellent and are the best in their field. She has never let me down and I will continue to use her services in the future. I have been practicing law for fifty years and have used many people to assist in locating experts to my cases. Gina is the best.

Louis Chiozza Jr.
Law Offices of Louis Chiozza Jr, and Associates
Memphis, Tennessee

We have had the true pleasure of working with Gina for many years. While many expert witness locator services can find a “somebody” for you, Gina will quickly find for you very qualified witnesses who are not just experts in their fields, but who are also true professionals who thoroughly review records and who actually prepare for their testimony. Gina’s efforts have directly resulted in much more favorable outcomes for our clients and we recommend her services to you without reservation.

Carl Jacobson
Walk Cook Lakey PLC
Memphis, Tennessee

Gina is incredibly responsive.  She always provides efficient and comprehensive reviews and the experts that she locates are uniformly high quality.  Gina is very pleasant to work with, is always professional, and provides excellent service.

Charles S. Higgins
Burch, Porter & Johnson, PLLC
Memphis, Tennessee

For several years, Gina has helped me review and screen medical malpractice cases. She provides a thorough analysis and summary of my client’s medical records, and does a great job spotting issues that might keep me from being successful if I decide to pursue a case.  She has also helped me locate qualified experts all over the country in a wide variety of specialties. Gina is an asset to my practice!

Jessica R. Shoulders
English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley, LLP
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Gina Rogers has been our firm’s primary nurse consultant for over 10 years. During that time I have found her to be incredibly bright and effective in a difficult area of the law. Knowing that I can depend on her has been of tremendous importance to our practice. I do not hesitate in recommending her.

There is no one better at what she does.

Alfred J. Welsh, Esquire
Attorney At Law
Louisville, Kentucky

I have utilized the expertise of Ms. Rogers for a number of years, and could not be happier with the work she has done for us. Gina is extremely thorough in her review of records, and has been able to pinpoint complex medical issues that greatly assisted me in practicing my case.

Gina has also helped me locate top notch experts from all around the country. She is very professional and timely in her work, and it is truly a pleasure to work with her. There are a number of cases that I have practiced, where I could not have done it without Gina on board.

She has my full confidence, and I would highly endorse both Gina and the high quality of her work.

Christopher L. Rhoads
Rhoads & Rhoads, P.S.C.
Owensboro, Kentucky

I am pleased to write this letter of reference regarding Medical Review Consulting.

For the past few years, I have relied heavily upon Medical Review Consulting for medico-legal analysis. I have found Gina Rogers to be knowledgeable, insightful and highly professional. She has enabled me to identify with greater precision the strengths and weaknesses of potential cases, greatly enhancing my case selection process.

One of the Ms. Rogers’ most important qualifications is the breadth of her experience in evaluating cases from both the plaintiff and defense perspectives. She has also proven to be an excellent resource for finding well-qualified and trustworthy experts – which I am convinced is the secret to successfully pursuing complex personal injury and medical negligence cases. Ms. Rogers has consistently delivered excellent work-product and has always done so at a reasonable cost.

I highly recommend Medical Review Consulting to any attorney seeking to better understand and more effectively handle medical issues in personal injury litigation.

Brian Schuette
Law office of Brian Schuette
Bowling Green, Kentucky

This is to advise you that the parties have reached a settlement in this case. The terms of the settlement are confidential. Certainly, the settlement was made possible by all of your hard work and our client is thrilled in terms of both the amount of the settlement and with the efforts that all of us put forth.

Kurt W. Maier
English, Lucas, Priest & Owsley
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Gina Rogers is a medical professional you can trust. Her insight into medical billing has proved extremely valuable during case assessments. My staff and I do not know the intricacies of medical billing from the insider’s perspective, and Gina Rogers has helped us immeasurably.

Daniel E. Murner
Landrum & Shouse, LLP

Gina is the very best at what she does.

Joe B. Campbell, Esquire
Past-President Kentucky Bar Association
Tennessee & Kentucky