Gina Rogers

Gina I. Rogers, RN, BSN, LNCC

Ms. Rogers is an experienced medical professional and has worked as a legal nurse consultant to 100’s of law firms for over a decade reviewing thousands of cases.  Also receiving the esteemed credential “LNCC” which is a Legal Nurse Consultant Certified that is awarded by the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.  There are less than 1000 nurses with this distinct honor in the country.

With over a decade spent working in a healthcare facility, Ms. Rogers had held a wide variety of nursing positions.  With her healthcare background, MRC can save valuable time and frustration going through the difficult medical issues and simplify the facts and difficult medical terms allowing you to focus on the legal side of the case.

We simplify the difficult issues making the facts easy to understand for you and the jury.

Ms. Rogers has been a national speaker and mentored thousands of nurses around the country on legal nurse consulting.

For over a decade MRC has assisted attorneys to develop powerful strategies and yielded successful outcomes. MRC has the ability to consistently and cost-effectively provide value to your case.  It is not unusual for the opposing attorneys to seek out MRC to assist with their next case.  They have seen firsthand the value of MRC’s experience and expertise.