Types of Cases

Medical Malpractice

Gina Rogers

"Gina is the very best at what she does."
- Joe B. Campbell,
Hughes and Coleman

Numerous cases are reviewed each year for the plaintiff and defense.  For the plaintiff attorney, it is beneficial to determine if you have a good case before involving experts.  Screening medical records has been a popular request among the plaintiff attorneys.  They want to know the strengths and weaknesses before they decide to get involved.  Let us help determine if you have a case worth pursuing.

Personal Injury

What are the damages and are they related to the accident?  What is the prognosis and long term impact of the client? These are questions we can help answer after reviewing your case.  We assist you attorney in determining the value of each case. Working for both plaintiff and defense attorneys on personal injury cases gives MRC the advantage of knowing the strategies for both sides.

Nursing Home

Both plaintiff and defense attorneys have depended upon Ms. Rogers to assist with the evaluation of their clients medical records, timelines of the care and locating experts to review the case.

Social Security Disability

Being familiar with Social Security Disability Guidelines is an advantage in reviewing your claimant’s medical records.  Our review and summary letters focusing on the functional limitations have assisted numerous clients in successfully obtaining disability for their clients.

Insurance Defense

Having worked with insurance adjusters and defense attorneys has given Ms. Rogers the insight and knowledge to review the records and look at any potential defenses, prior patient problems, prior medications and any other medical condition that could become a potential defense.  Also identifying what is missing in these records has proven to be key in defending them.  In past cases, the identification of missing records has proven to be invaluable.

Criminal Cases

Having worked for the prosecution and defense of criminal cases, Ms. Rogers has assisted in educating attorneys on the medical records, interpreting the records, and discussing case strategies on the best approach for the case.

Class Action Litigation

Reviewing medical records for multiple claimants can be complex and difficult to manage.  Depending on the cause of the injury, we develop screening forms to quickly assess the large number of medical records to simplify the evaluation process.