Expert Witness Location

Gina Rogers

"We love your work!"
- Michael L. Burman,
Attorney at Law

Locating experts has become one of  MRC’s most requested services. Clients turn to MRC time and time again seeking additional experts.  The advantage of this services is access to thousands of board certified physicians and nurses in every area of practice.  We locate experts in all areas of the medical profession. 

If we do not find an expert with the credentials you specify – there is no fee incurred.  Customer satisfaction is our goal which keeps clients returning again and again for us to locate their experts.  We have a proven record of finding the right expert at the right time for our clients.


To help you understand the information in your case records, let us complete a timeline, comprehensive chronology or medical summary.  A comprehensive timeline is an effective way to identify all the issues and damages in your case.  We have the ability to provide any report to fit the needs of your case.

Review for Merit

Want to know if you have a case? Give us a call, we can quickly review and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each case.  We are experts in identifying missing records and report that information back to you.  Following the review, case recommendations are made on how to proceed with your case.

Missing Records

In many cases, the information missing was more important than the records actually provided.  Often, these missing records dramatically impacted the case outcome.  Let us evaluate your records and determine the records that are missing.  Don’t get caught as some have on the opposite side not knowing what was in the records.

Organizing the Records

Need help getting organized?  We can organize your records in a binder or a scanned copy along with a CD.  Experts have different request. Some like paper copy and some like electronic format. We can help you with both.  Bates numbering the records is recommended for ease in identifying your records making the records more efficient and less frustrating.

Identify Strength and Weaknesses

We know how to utilize your time and resources efficiently.  Identifying the strengths and weaknesses early in the case is key and always a goal. We assist you evaluating areas of vulnerability and exposing those early so you can decide to settle or continue to litigate the case. What you don’t know can hurt your chance for a successful outcome.

Overall Case Coordination

When you choose MRC you have a partner in building your strongest case form start to finish.  From review for records for merit only selecting the strongest cases to locating experts, organizing records, timelines and discussing case strategies.  MRC is your complete resource for your medical case.